Fuze Ten

Featuring our most flexible, most luxurious and most life-like silicone ever.

Every Fuze dildo is vibe compatible. When combined with your favourite removable vibe, vibrations spread equally across the base and along the shaft. Fuze toys have the vibe opening slightly forward to the base. This enables the vibe to be easily turned on and off when an ‘O’ ring harness is used. Vibrations are shared between both partners, especially through the clitoral stimulating pad to the harness wearer.

Fuze dildos are created using a softer silicone than the plugs, allowing greater flexibility and versatility. All are available with the standard base design, the shaft diameters range from 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″to 1 3/4″. Fuze dildos are compatible with the industry standard 16 to 17mm diameter vibe. The vibe is not provided with the silicone toy, allowing you to choose your favourite removable vibe and team it with each and every one of your Fuze toys.