Pelvic floor exercises may be an important part of your routine for a wide variety of reasons. These exercises commonly involve a series of dilators ranging from slim to wider.

We created our original set of silicone dilators many years ago at the suggestion of, and with much assistance from, Canada’s iconic COME AS YOU ARE, the World’s only worker owned co-operative sex shop. We also consulted with a leading gynaecologist and designed the various sizes to their exact specifications. Since then, our dilators have made an important difference to people all over the world, and we have even had University studies on the effectiveness of vaginal dilators specifically focused on our models.

For the latest, new and improved version of our dilators, we have called on our decades of experience, all the wonderful positive feedback we have received, and the results of the University research. We have combined all of the best features of the originals with enhanced ergonomics, refined design and a more flexible 100% medical grade silicone, to gently follow the natural curves of your body.

Even though so many people choose to use our dilators for their vaginal exercises, they are not a registered medical device. Please consult your health professional if you suffer from pelvic pain, or before taking part in any new exercise routine.